About Us

Blue Arris started as an initiative to help businesses as well as non-profits that positively impact the communities they are a part of. The size of the organization matters less to us than the willingness to adapt new ways of thinking, technologies, and processes. We collaborate with businesses at a higher level, we aren't just here to make a marketing campaign that sells more. We do that too, but our main objective is to leave a company with better tools and a better grasp of how they can leverage good design.

Blue Arris was born from the [friendly?] rivalry of two separate organizations, each with different approaches to the same problems companies face in the 21st century. Ultimately, the two organizations merged to form one larger entity capable of entering multiple industries with the common goal to empower businesses to create a greater postive impact on their communities through design strategy.

Our Digital Presence

If you have done business with Blue Arris in the past, follow us on social media, or have seen some of our work with municipalities around the Bay Area you may be wondering what is going on with our site and social channels. The answer? nothing nefarious, our social media managers and content creators are managing and creating for our clients. The work we do for our clients takes priority and we will be back online later this year.

If you have social media management or content creation experience reach out to:

Contractors are also welcome, however please state you are looking for contract work and provide rates.

We did what?

A small collection of projects big and small Blue Arris has been a part of.

Digital Marketing Campaign
Pauline Cutter

Assistance + Consultation
Pilot City

Digital Marketing
Manchester Deaf Center

Signage + Prints
Sakura Bistro

Marketing + Donor Campaign(s)
Oakland Pride

Event Coverage + Promotion
City of San Leandro

Event Coverage + Promotion
City of San Leandro


Marketing + Consultation

Digital Marketing
Village Connect

Marketing + Consultation
Community Impact Labs

Digital Marketing
Castro Valley Marketplace

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A quick guide to social media

Courtesy of Blue Arris & The City of San Leandro

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